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Why do i need to be registered?
Registration on 9winz website is a condition for using all the products available on the website. Registration entitles you to open a 9winz.com account free-of-charge and without obligations. Use the account to manage your bets and personal data. You can make bets with real money after you replenish your account.
How can I register on 9winz casino?
To register on our website, visit the “Register” section in the upper right corner. Please be careful and take into account the proposed registration requirements in order to avoid further problems. We recommend that you get acquainted with our rules in advance.
Where can I see my account number?
You can see your account (ID) number, which was given by the company in the “My Profile” page, “My Data” section ID: XXXXXXXX
Can I change my personal data after registration?
Please note that you are unable to change your basic data, such as your first name and last name, date of birth, the currency of your account in 9winz or the country settings. You will, however, still be able to change other data even after registration. In certain circumstances (e.g. the personal data was filled incorrectly, etc.), 9winz will verify and accept changes to your basic data if you submit the corresponding confirming document.
Can anyone else get access to my account?
This may happen if you log out from your page without clicking on the “Log out” button and closing the page using the exit “X” button.
How do I createa a casino account?
Playing in the 9Winz Casino requires a 9Winz Account. If you do not already have one, just click on the “Register” button on the Casino page and follow the simple registration process.
How do I make deposit in the online casino?
Once logged in, press the “Deposit” button on the top of your screen and select your desired amount and payment method.
What is a random number generator?
A Random Number Generator (RNG) is a computer program which randomly produces the results for our online casino games. Every individual card dealt, dice rolled, or any other pertinent game action is produced by the program without any unrealistic duplication or predictability.
As the results are generated in a completely random manner with no possibility of manipulation, you always get fair results.

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